I am Jagged Edges

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 16:25 -- Bvffalo


I am not soft

I am jagged edges

I am peeling paint on a rusted car


I am not soft

for the longest time I have wanted to be

a beautiful meadow breeze

but I am the santa ana winds


I have always wished to be

soft curves

full bodied

hips, thighs, breasts

but I am muscle

I am bones


my taurus personality

I am a bull in a china shop

I am not light footed

as we speak I am

stepping on your toes



My touch is not delicate

When I move, I do not brush against things

I am clumsy

I am a pointed elbow to your ribs on accident

(I'm sorry)


for how long have I wanted to be gentle rolling waves

but I am a tsunami

a cool shade

but I am the blinding sun


I wanted to be

a rounded shape

but I am jagged edges


I am not soft

I cannot be soft

I can only be me


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