Perfect Imperfections


Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, my beauty is upclose near

The closer I look at myself, the futher more I differ from myself

I never could understand why hate is a crime against oneself

Makeup I wear is for enhancing, not for deceiving

Waking up from a visionary dreams, I feel more surpreme

Through out life, words are what judge me

I knew it was a cast or spell that let it gotten to me

I broken the curse last .. I feel free

Inside of my soul, it felt like being in a court room for jury, pleading innocent or guilty

Inhale...Exhale, confidence felt like it was in a cell of jail, waiting for bail

Heads or tail, I learn...others opinons don't satisfy my life

No matter how hard you try, you'll sigh and deny 

...Only you have the view of a hawks eye

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