Blocking My Path


2705 weiler blvd. apt. B
United States
32° 44' 27.5928" N, 97° 14' 2.976" W

Blessing from me to you.

You mirrored my every move.

Together we make unity,

inspiring the darkness that lies deep inside me.

Making me think.

But do not mislead,

You can fix a broken mirror,”

you're oh so naive.

I still see the cracks in the reflection.

Though, there's still our connection.

Damn, I look good in a broken mirror.

Now I see things a little clearer.

Acting as a shield,

when protection wasn't needed.

Naive to believe that you were incapable of deceit.

It is hard to say I was stuck in my ways.

Now there I no mountain I can't obtain.

No heights I can't see,

no dream I can't believe.

No insecurities.

You stand in your own path to capability.

Look beyond yourself and see,

that you are no longer a mirror.

You're a window with nothing but opportunity.




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