Flawless, In Every Single Way


"You're not good enough,

Not smart enough,

And what happened to your face?"


Since the beginning of time,

This is what I've heard


Today, I stand to make a point

For every other woman and I

You are beautiful, I am beautiful,

And smart in every way.


You are enough, we are enough,

It has always been this way.


I know that I am flawless

Despite what people say,

I am simply gorgeous,

In every single way.


So next time someone tells me,

"You're not good enough, pretty, or smart,"

I'll proudly stand and demand, "Yes, I truly am."

Because flawless I have always been.


Stand together with me now,

Hand in hand we'll say,

"We are goreous, smart, and well beyond good enough,

In every single way."


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