The This and That of Them and Me

A child of Suess and a daughter of grace,

in this whimsical world I was kindly misplaced.

On an island of misfits I took to my tongue,

like the martyrs had spoken my brilliance begun.


But, I must dare not speak it! I must prove the truth!

In the shoes of a tyrant, what a fool I had grew?

I dreamed and I dreamed I could be what they said,

but I had not a penny to pay outside my head.


What da Vinci had taught me, I could not afford.

What the world had created? A heathen of course!

So I took to my pen, and I learned with my eyes,

as I fled down with Wormwood, myself to despise.


Each moment, I thought I would own. It would cost.

But, I found the earth spun not due to my watch.

From controlling to folding my hand and my mind

submission, surrender I had finally thrived.


I learned how to die. So, I now know to live,

as my bones and my breath fought the hairs on my chin.

Just like King Author, a sword stuck in the stone

So too is our world under a throne.


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