Blood of Red; Ocean of Blue


I swim inside a sea of ocean blue.

It shimmers so gaily, so tried and true.

It turns to tears cried throughout the night

As men in Afghanistan try to fight.


Then transforms to red of blood and fire,

As army men crawl under barbed wire.

As children scream and throw tantrums

For their parents cremate to phantoms.


Oh, my skin of white

Seems to pierce the dark night

When the rockets glared

When I knew America cared.


But America doesn’t care.

Libya needs to learn to share.

What are you fighting for?

Something that can never be yours.


Blocks of knowledge you’ll never learn.

The only blocks you’ll ever earn

Are ones we call tombstones

That deteriorates your skin and bones.


The army, the navy, the marines, the militia.

They shoot their arms but by a mile miss ya.

Opponents fire and hit us right on

And letters sent home with the word “gone”


Where have they gone; are they coming home soon?

They ARE home up with the stars with the moon

With their family that will join them in a while.

Those in the sky will greet them with smiles.


But for now they are stuck here

Watching football, drinking beer.

Not caring at all to change the world

Not caring at all for their little girl.


She sits playing dollies and putting on their clothes.

While mommy struggles to keep her face composed.

For the letter arrived saying daddy is away

And another stating that mommy won’t get her pay.


Some say this is so not fair.

I know, but you see, Mr. President doesn’t care.

He made his promises that he couldn’t keep

His face showed strength but behind the mask, he’s weak.


He seemed strong behind those “hope” signs

But what about all those unemployment lines?

What about the debts that America owes?

Mistakes I can’t count on fingers, now I’m on my toes.


Now I kneel on my hands and knees

Pleading, begging please oh please!!

Anybody help save this nation

From this war and this separation!


America doesn’t care, why should any other place?

We are just another country taking up space.

The rest of the world will throw us off this map.

They will burn us and kick us and give us a slap.


The textbooks? They are all filled with a lie.

Saying we fought battles when really men just died. 

Those stories told about Lewis and Clark

Are so old they were told by the pigs in Noah’s Ark.


Hitler killed millions, but do Americans care?

No, not as long as we weren’t there.

But here’s the thing: it could happen at any moment.

Guns go off and in a second, your life could be stolen.


For what reason? To save fellow Americans that are our own!

Are we even worth saving when all we do is trash what we’ve sown?

Sending little drummer boys off to the wars

When in a few days, they will be crawling on all fours.


Crawling back home to sweet, sweet home.

Home of the brave? Please! More like land of the loans.

Loans and debts piled high in these papers

In stacks that reach past the skyscrapers.


Skyscrapers that will fall and crash to the ground

When brother Earth decides he is feeling down.

He finally cracks and he cries out all his tears

While little Japanese children watch their nightmares become real.


They can’t hide from it under bed sheets.

They watch as the floor cracks open under their feet.

They experience Earth’s tears fall in a tsunami

And they scream “Daddy! Where is mommy?!”


We raise funds but where does the money go?

To taxes and government and building roads.

Forget about us! Let’s lend a hand!

Will we? NO! We need to reprimand!


We need to clean up our act, America; get our road straight.

We need to spread the love and stop the hate!

We need to deserve our freedoms and keep our rights!

We need to see into the epiphany’s light.


Rights? What about the gay love some can’t share?

Why not? Because they have too much passion and flare?

This sphere world is becoming more and more flatter.

So what if man loves man, what does it matter?!


We have them jumping off buildings because of hate.

The discrimination has them drowning in lakes.

Every year there are more and more.

Why can’t we just accept them and open the door?


Another thing! These buttons flying across the room.

Popping off pants and landing with a boom.

Nearly half of children in America are obese.

What’s scarier is the fact that this percent will increase.


McDonald’s and Wendy’s and Burger King

All selling calories with fries and a drink.

A cheap little plastic toy inside for added fun

While across the earth, kids hiding from the sun.


Hiding from heat, searching for water.

Searching for shelter, hiding from slaughter.

Hiding from disease, searching for cure.

While us fat Americans just make them more obscure.


We try to forget but that makes us full of shame.

I see through it all, I feel their pain.

Please America; let’s get a clue.

Respect our blood of red and ocean of blue.


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