Under the Veil

Wed, 12/10/2014 - 22:59 -- Gina M.

In a great, small depth of the world

Lies the girl who wakes up insecure.

But the only reason she is swallowed by the obscure

Symptoms of self-degradation is a mirror.


The mirror is the shroud that covers her eyes.

When she veils the veil that seizes her thoughts,

And empowers every moment that she tries,

She can see undoubtedly through her own disguise.


Wake up to the sounds

Of birds chirping!

Or a leaf falling!

Wake up! Here I am!


I am strong; I am wise,

I am the envy of those who do not know me.

Hidden under the skin they discern

Is way more than the eye can see. 


My smile is big, and I laugh quite loud,

And my teeth are not the perfect ivory.

I am short, yet I am immense.

I am what one would call lively.


My thighs are not sticks and I love that.

My stomach is not a rock, but it is soft.

I am not dark, nor pale, and the perfection I lack

Is worth every benefit over every loss.


I am the endowment people dream about.

I am the idea known as motivation.

When I reflect upon myself, I know forever

That I am my own dedication-


Not her, nor him, nor the person in the spotlight.

I am not that mirror that I look upon every day.

It is time to break the mirror once and for all.

Since I love myself without it, I can stand tall.




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