Hate and Hurt That I've Found


The hate of the world can beat on you

The hate of the earth will make you blue

Bitterness can harvest, in your heart

Bitterness will make your tongue tart

Hating your family; no friends till the end

Hating the breath of the life that God will send

The hurt of everything can bring much pain

The hurt sometimes you choose to gain

The slander of a mouth can bring you doubt

The feeling of love; you begin to push it out

No love, no trust, no heart, no joy


The love and cheer, starts to feel like it will destroy

The ambition of hate and hurt is to kill

All emotions feel like suicide pills

The people you once loved will sometimes be like a fraud

Their love was NOT from God

The alarm goes off like a forewarning

But you put it on snooze wanting to feel that mourning

The slang of the world only one can bear

They’ve gotten so used to it, that they don’t know it’s there 

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This is one of my first poems i sent to a big business for a scholarship opportunity. I was a runner up but didnt quite make it. I plan to post more in hopes of scoring my dreams in poems and scholarships.  I hope you enjoy!!!

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