Mother, Her, We, I

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 16:44 -- EMADIG


my chest rises
just as the sun does
and water courses
through Mother
just as blood does my veins
she takes my breath away
and I cry in jealousy
as she begs me, please
to love myself

she whispers me cliches
and says my flaws are beautiful
so I ask her why I'm a paradox
in even the prettiest of eyes

she says you are a paradox
and you think that makes you flawed
but paradoxes are intentional
how can something purposeful be wrong?
how can anyone be flawed in a world like this?

so I explain:
those think thighs
that wide waist
no tits
and soft ass
she laughs and says she loves them
and I cover my face and cry

please don't lie
to me

look away from the mirror
she whispers
look at me instead

so I reach in deep
in the deepest parts of me
and find her there -
we are one
and I love her
she is all I want to be
and I am

you are flawless she says
and she explains:
those thick thighs
that wide waist
no tits and soft ass
I cover my face and laugh


...I am flawless

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I actually worte this peom in the library of my old middle school.. I went through a lot when it came to my self-confidence there, so it was cool to look into myself at the same place that was pretty much the root of my self image problems. The poem actually has nothing to do with my actual mother, but moreso Mother Nature. In the poem, I look into myself and find that I am a part of this world just like any tree, bird, or animal, and realize I am flawless because I am a part of Her, and Her, a part of me.

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