Imperfectly Original

Imprisoned in her own body she wishes she was someone else.

She calls for help but no one responds.

She accustoms herself to accept the she was made.

Even if she was bullied in the 6th grade.

They told her she needs to change, better yet loose some weight.

“You are ugly, no one likes you!” – Oh the words of hate.

Though never did they know she was in so much pain.

She carries a billion dollar smile bought from an antique store.

Only to provoke everyone and annoy her more.

However, what really mattered where her beliefs too.

The way she saw herself everyone would.

She paints a smile on her face before she leaves the house.

She glues her heart together so it will not fall apart.

She washes and wipes her face to only make it redder than usual.

She brushes her hair for it to only sponge.

She dresses not to impress but to hide the body which was made fun of.

She wears loose clothing to hide her seductive skin.

In her hands her books and on her shoulder a bag full of sorrow.

Sorry for herself, yet pity’s everyone who made her feel like a shadow.

The history of a girl who once was afraid to walk freely.

To take pictures and say cheese.

Now to know it was just girls who were full of jealousy.

Envy that she never needed make up to be happy, nor

creams and lotions to make her skin look and feel clear.

It was just her kind heart that was easy to tear.

So they tore her down though she got back up.

Her mind is set to achieve greater things,

and when she walks the birds start to sing.

She stares people down with a piercing look.

Her eyes heavily placed yet darker than chocolate.

Words dance from her mouth with a not so vivid accent.

A special creation and natural disaster.

 No filter needed so she can feel divine, no filter needed- no need to hide.

She walks with her head held high because she now knows she is loved.

Not only from a simple human being, but the creator of man.

God made her imperfectly Original and what greater gift than that.

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