When I look in the mirror who do I see?

Let me be honest, I see a girl who hurts on the inside and can't control herself all the time.

I am the type to just be alone in my room and sit there and think. 

I am not all the type to keep myself calm. I isolate myself often times a lot. I am who I am 

I am proud to be someone that looks at myself and knows the true me.

I am a very one of the kind person who doesn't know how to control the inside feelings and I just know to be who I am I have to say what I mean

I say I am not beautiful all the time because honestly to be flawless you have to know your true self and I just happen to know my true self.

I f you think for a minute that your someone that knows me think again. I am not someone who knows me I am someone who knows and loves the true me. 

I am who I am, I see the true me in the morning the one that keeps my feelings bottled up, the one that knows the truth, the one that is me.

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