The Other Half


You were my sunshine, my only, 
my ray of light in the hell hole I called my body,
You were peace,
You were me and I was you,
but I never knew there was a crease in the folds of our time, we sped by too quick,
and the motion made me sick.
You were my fairytale
my novella about a boy and me
read by some one sipping chai tea in their favorite coffee shop 
you were broken down and beaten up, you were mean enough 
to tell me I was too much 
and you had had enough
You were all I had when the lights went dim,
when the lights turned on it was you,
but you faded, and so did I, 
now every time i cry out your name,
I can only hear the wind blow right through the empty picture frames where you and I were supposed to be intertwined.
You were a surprise unsuspecting and a little shy, 
You and the chances were slim that this would work out, 
you are here and now,
but i am far back and long gone,
I am harp on what I lack and how the past likes to attack.
You are not supposed to be here in this story,
you left years ago never to return,
I hadn't thought twice,
until you listened to my secrets through your car radio,
and told me you didn't mind,
how loud my insides can be sometimes.
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