All Natural Amber-Like Substance



My imperfections are in no way diminishing my value!

For I am




And organic.

I pertain to no class of any unnatural chemical compound

You can say I was derived from some type of star dust substance

Yes.. I'm stellar

ZERO filters.

After all my grandma told me,

“Figures don’t lie, Lairs figure...”

I am the mirror,

The lenses that snapped that imperfect-ed picture

Plus that pretty brown frame that it resides in

My roots intertwine beneath the concrete

Where the soil is sometimes coarse

Exactly where the sun rays don’t always beam

That place where my fears and tears sink into the cracks and crevasses

Far unseen and very much undisciplined

I'm never to exact

Think of me as a numbering system,

kinda like Stats.

More like flamboyantly abstract

I do not dilute my impurities

Nor do I water down my personality

I'm concentrated, clustered in my own Amber-like tree sap

I am my own future,


And best life lesson teacher

I'm a solid as well

I cant be mollified

Biologically engineered


I’m An All Natural Amber Like Substance  



Nerd Lady

I've been reading some of your poetry, and I have to admit. Nerd Lady likes your style lol. Keep it up! :)


Awwwh! Thank You very much!!!

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