Who I am


Do ya know who I am, behind the makeup, the dress? Behind the flaws, and the fear, man I'm flawless! I've given up on caring bout' what others think of me, cuz the truth is what I'm wearin' is the skin of me.

No fashion, no worries, no cares about the answer, while devastation sweeps the nation, I'm always there, I like my personality, show off my flaws, and if ya don't like me, then turn in your claws!

This is Who I Am, from the moment of disaster, whatever spell you're under quit it, I ain't perfect, that I'll never be, but I've accepted who I am, and what's in front of me. I'm no genius, I'm a packrat, I get on with friends and family, makin' me cruisin', my world goes round, and no one's gonna tear me down.

I have flaws but I stare them in the face, make them a part of me an' only me, I don't stare in the mirror like those pretty girls, and try to be someone I've not. I stare at my flaws, and become them, I become the person that I've meant to be, this is who I Am. You're never gonna change that.


Who I Am, is a person, not a doll, no individual clone with no thoughts at all. Who I Am, is a writer, who loves to write poems, and not make sense cuz' that's just how the world is. Who I Am, is a girl in this world of bajillions of people, and what you make me out to be is different than I am. Who I Am, is flawless.


I've accepted it all, with one swoop, one strike, I know myself to be perfect, cuz' I have changed the definition of perfect into me. I have accepted all those tricks of the trade, and dark abysses, made me into a better person, and ya wanna know what I scream?


Who am I? I am flawless!


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