Don't Listen

A world where everyone wants to speak and not hear
Is a world where a smile can fade into a tear
Born into stress and a father that felt hate 
Never was this child supposed to be great
He told me when I walked that I could not sprint
But my legs moved faster and I tried to imprint
That if I was told I could never succeed 
I would work till my lungs could no longer breathe
In school they said I was always too loud
They said I was blinded and  was just too proud
But now as 17 years is the time
They ask me to talk and discuss how I shine
They said my past would cease me to grow
But as I sprouted and flourished I continued to show
\That no matter what is said I will always do me
Because I travel through my eyes and not what they see
My world is a world where I can decide 
Whether to go fight or decide to go hide
My decision will always be to prove those wrong
Those who believed that I did not belong
A world where everyone wants to speak and not hear
Will be a world where I smile broadly without a tear


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