No One Improved By Being Complacent

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 21:15 -- alorden

There are few things in this world that need a filter

Coffee being the main one

Was I sub post to be born with one

Or can they be installed like a TV


How can things improve

If no one tells you

That this whole time you have been doing it wrong

Or that your way is actually the better way


Who knows you might even save the day

Why should you filter your feelings?

There is no filter that can change you from being okay to ecstatic

And if there is I don’t need or want it


I don’t know about anyone else

But I thought life was meant to be lived

Rather than be passed by until you realize it’s time to say good bye

The truth is hard but it’s harder to live a lie

So it’s time to toss that filter aside


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