See that house,
It's crumbling.
One more kick
And it's tumbling.

Rain is poring down
All day and night.
The wind so harsh
It won't give up the fight.

One more gust,
The house should break.
But the foundation
It can last through a quake.

One more day
Standing strong.
Looking for the sun.
Can't be too long

Before it's gone
Light will shine down
Part the clouds
The house has been found.

Rescued, set free,
Able to live a life of harmony.
But not for long,
Because, you see.

The rain and wind we're jealous.
They wanted the sun
Away from the house
"Sun," said the house. "Run."

"With these things
I shall be ok.
What's another day
Of fighting my way?"

The sun vowed he'd be back.
He'd save the house.
The wind and rain chuckled,
"You're as cowardly as a mouse!"

Now this angered the house,
Made him sad,
So he pulled himself up
And flew away, kind of mad.

The house was never
Seen whole again,
But instead in shattered,
Splintered remain.

The sun shown down on what's left of the house,
Sad to see the sacrifice.
The life taken away,
Scattered in strife.

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