Not Your Conquest

Mon, 12/29/2014 - 02:13 -- kkleach


Not Your Conquest

There is no distress

In this damsel

I am not the conquest

In the grand adventure of your story


In fact,

I don’t even want to be a part of your fairytale

I have written one of my own


This time,

This time I get to be the hero.

This time I can save myself


I am no longer

The pot of gold at the end of your rainbow

The reward for your long journey


I am not your prize

Your princess must be in another castle

I am not a checkpoint in your game


Because I,

I am not waiting for you to

Bring me my glass slipper


I left it purpose

How am I supposed to run

When I am walking on eggshells


I do not need you to save me

From my wretched family

In fact

I’m pretty wretched myself


That magical kiss that will wake me up

Is an invasion of my privacy,

I never gave you permission


I don’t want a kiss that will make me more like you

I am beautiful the way that I am

I can be beauty and as strong as a beast


I might live alone in a tower but I am not waiting for a knight

I climbed up here myself

My fingers bled as I clung to brick after brick

Saving my own life


So when you say

‘Because I am a prince, you are my princess and you have to act like it.’

I am going to laugh


You might be a prince

But I am not a princess

I am The Queen


I write my own book

So you can have your white horse

I’ll be riding away on my dragon.

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