I am the Earth and the soil.

I am the dessert winds that sting your eyes.

I am the tumbling waterfall enticing you to jump.

I am the everglowing gleam from fireflies on a summer night.

I am the wind rusting the trees in the wind.

I am the daunting ocean, home to creatures relying on my protection.

I am the shimmer of the sun's rays on the face of an innocent child.

I am the deafining sound of thunder in a storm.

I am the light peaking over the mountain tops on a Sunday morning.

I am a stream trickling over the rocks.

I am the smallest flower drinking from the clouds.

I am the wide-eyed doe learning how to walk.

I am the massive giraffe eating from the food untouchable to others.

I am the owl waiting patiently in the night.

I am the majestic lioness shielding her young cubs from the world.

I am the Mother of the Earth.

I am life. 


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