Flawless ass QueenI


You wanna know what makes me flawless

Acknowledging my imperfections. Having the ability to forgive and forget those who were snakes

I'm flawless cause all these thoties wish they could be me;  A boss ass bitch working towards that college degree

Nigggaz want a girl that be on her grizzly, know how to throw that ass in a circle for em' even on a Wednesday. A flawless chick who can cook, clean and superfreak in them sheets.

I'm flawless cause I don't need another to define me. I know who I am and where I'm from

Flawless cause' i'm clean, i don't smell like onion rings

Flawless cause I dont need cosmetics to make me look pretty, no implants for my body cause I'm thick all around, no man to help with my self-steem cause I'm a queen, if I want the D i could get it but I ain't got time for no bitch ass nigga, I want my college degree

Flawless cause the cookie served delicious

Flawless cause I stay victorious even when it seems i lost the battle everything works out for my good, I put that on the hood

Flawless cause I was created in God's image and in the likeness of Him so you really can't tell me i'm not flawless cause to him I am

My nigga flawless. He aint that type that just want the punnani. He knows what make me joyful, what turns me on, how to do that Denzel Washington voice, that's on me. Flawless ass nigga got that flawless ass D, these hatin ass peasants can't get to our level cause we on flight G3.

I'm a flawless ass Queen who wants her college degree.



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