Is it really worth it?

How is it that I am under you?/ Why me?/ Am I really that different?/ Am I really easy prey?/ Am I really weak?/ Does it really give you the right to hurt me?/ Think about it./ We are not above anybody./ We are all the same./ How are we the same?/ We are all human./ Just because we are human doesn't mean you will/ hurt me,/ hurt him,/ hurt her,/ or hurt any other./ How could you be so cruel?/ How is it that you are so cool,/ pouplar,/ athletic,/ smarter,/ more talented,/ or whatever you consider yourself./ You have the right to stand up for the wrong,/ but instead you do the wrong./ Why?/ To be accepted./ to be cool,/ to be what a nightmare?/ Can you ever imagine what it feels like?/ Maybe not./ Think about it.

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