Not Smug, Just I ft. Great Qualities


I'm not always polite

but I can fake it

I am determined

that I can succeed

I'm gonna be

an archivist slash librarian

I'm gonna make it

despite the voices' claim otherwise

I'm not mean

but I'm not nice

I'm a combination

of the two- useful, yeah?

I love history

especially what's not taught

I love history

learning where we ALL come from

I'm organized

nice, neat, organized

I am giving

to those I like

I am humble

see strengths as possible weaknesses

I am not conceited

at least until I'm angry

I get angry

filled with determination/pride

I am a volunteer

helping book/history lovers

I will win

at this silly life

I can ignore

my distracting classmates

I can help

my confused classmates

I will help

those who wish to learn

I will comprehend

anything I read

I will learn

to use what I read

I have been

using what I've already read

I don't get

straight A's for nothing


I am a flawless nerd

no, that's not an oxymoron.

It is I, and I am it.




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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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