Who I am


5702 Gwirtz Rd.
United States
40° 50' 34.2528" N, 82° 43' 19.0992" W

Just who am I? A silent little girl?

An unruly, angry teenager?

A cute model who's delicate as pearls?

To myself, am I truly a stranger?


Just who am I? A slave to be ordered?

Am I an outcast, friend to very few?

Is my face really all that distorted?

Am I not good enough for awesome you?


No, this is a lie. I am really cool,

Because my life doesn't depend on you!

Be I really awesome; you are the fool.

If only you could see things from my view...


The truth is, I am whatever I wish.

Be I the plate, while you are the side dish. 

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