The Hidden Gem

I hate this person that they call Tony

He is just too nice and caring

The people around him knows this

and they take it for granted sometimes

All this does to him is make him feel useless and unwanted

but he still does with a smile on his face everytime

I mean, I just do not get it because he is just hurting himself

but he still does it regardless of what happens


The love and care that he gives out

is shortly being forgotten by those around him

But he can't help it


It is a part of him


It is inseparable


It is what defines him as Tony

Even though it kills him,

it is one of the few thing left in this world

that brings him joy


It is the one only talent that he has


He is polishing himself to become the perfect gem

that will bring happiness and warmth to the people that he loves


All of this hardship and struggles is just an obstacle

that he must endure and overcome


Many times, he gets crushed by all of the pressure and and negative comments

but he still stands back up every time


No matter how many times you knock him down

he will keep on standing back up

because he has a goal that he wants to accomplish


He is constantly polishing the gem that is hidden within him

to become a gem that will shine brightly

and give warmth to the people that he loves

for as long as his life will allow him to


Now,underneath all of this boy packed with negative emotions

is a hidden gem that will become a source of happiness to those around him


It is not his generousity that people admire

it is his will


I know how he fells all too well

because this is my story

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