the feature of Flawless


I'm down right perfection 
It's like my infection
I know you're jealous 
Because I'm better than you!
It's like time and time again
I'll always be the best in the end
You think I'm disgusting 
I crushed your dreams 
Trusting my future is bright 
And Containing all of my hype 
Hard work is what got me here
I hold your jealously dear and near 
My pulsing hearts crying
enemies dying 
I know that you're trying 
To get me to sympathize 
All you ever done was criticize 
Look deep into my eyes because I know you lie!
You try to hypnotize, symbolize   Synchronize 
You know you fail hard core and try to improvise 
Tried and tried again 
Over and over never letting it end
My dear old friend
You cannot comprehend 
That what  you where doing 
Wasn't Perusing
Cruising and drooling, fooling  and losing 
Looting and bruising soothing the movement
Your pain will stay and drive you insane 
Or so thats what i thought....
now i wake up around the mid afternoon with the night coming soon
i go to the mirror and try to fix myself
life gets harder when you've got nothing else
i stare at my face wondering why
how come me
why cant i just die
im just a man fulled remorse 
throw my beanie on 
i look at my life and know i have to reinforce.
i think back to when i thought i was perfected 
and now i know how much i wrecked it
im just a lonely man with many broken up dreams
seems life was never what it seemed
i dont feel pity for myself
saw this one coming
life said that itself
i stand in the middle of the blank road
we all seem to walk one but i walk it alone
now all i do is look into the sky
asking many questions, my number one is "why"
i see my refelction and start cry
as i see all my flaws i just want to die.
the skeletons hands grab my shoulders and pleed 
c'mon join or side you'll love it you'll see
i thought why not just one more try
look off the building and i say goodbye
no more questions
nothing left to say
my knees are very tired
i cant no longer stay
my childhood dreams, hopes and fantasies
plans on traveling to see the seas
look straight down and and take a simple step
as i lean off the building and i take my final breath 
as i drop down the side wondering why, 
maybe there was hope
i began to cry
then small little tear falls out my eye
im about to hit ground heres my final words
i thought i was nothing in this stupid world
the last thing i saw was a small town girl
she was holding flowers and a bag with a tag inside of a heart
before i hit the ground and spurt into parts
i quickly got to read it and realized im a shame
that the tag on bag...
had my name...


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