Be Nice. See What Happens


I never saw this as a problem

I never thought it would be

Caring too much for those around me,

Would end up hurting 

I can't be too careful now

Or else I'll be stepped on

But I can't say it's not a positive 

You know, being too nice

Because that's what people first notice about me

When I'm in the reflection of their eyes

So let us go another route 

I'll just care too much for those 

Who, feel that I should also be cared about

People want to take advantage of my kindness, then so be it

That just proves how nice I am, they'll learn to leave it

My inside is flawless, nobody can say otherwise

And if they do, just know they are telling lies

The ones who truly care about me do recognize

The meaning of my flawlessness is that I'm so nice


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