God created a lot of things

Plants, animals, and birds that sing. 
But one thing He made was more valuable than the rest. 
He took it, crafted it, breathed in His breath. 
It's more precious than gold, many wise men say
When they refer to what was made on the sixth day. 
It was made in His image. 
And it's beauty couldn't be diminished. 
It was His masterpiece. The work of His hands. 
There is nothing more precious. Nothing compared with it will stand.
He said it was very good. 
And because of this all creation understood
That nothing was as beautiful as this. 
Any argument would be simply amiss.  
All that I've said is true. 
We see it in Ephesians chapter two. 
God made you with a beauty no make-up can bring. 
This is a beauty that comes straight from the King. 
No one can take this beauty away. 
For you are His child, and He made you that way.



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