You're All the Same to Me

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 13:36 -- zgstray


In the near yet far future,

everyone is perfect.

But no one really is.

Flawless is the new term.

Beyonce is our leader,

Our guardian,

Our mentor.

Her music plays in every gas station,

Every school,

Every outlet mall.

Her voice echoes through through the receptors,

Implanted in our newly-developed brains.

Every one is perfect.

Yet no one really is.

Life is better now.

We have learned to embrace,

What previously caused our downfall.

Anything from a bad haircut, 

To a crooked nose,

To a chipped tooth are disregarded.

Who cares?

No one does.

No one is perfect,

So everyone is.

Everyone is perfect,

Because no one is.

In the land of equality,

Home of the free,

Everyone has flaws,

So everyone is flawless.



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