Circles of blue piercing the surface, 

Golden streams defending what's beneath.

Mottled specks forming glowing clouds

Draping willows swaying with the wind, 

Keeping time with the shore's soft ripples.

Careful fingers running through a maze, 

Trying to find what they're looking for.

Piercing circles become thoughtful bands,

Studying the surrounding beauty,

Finding clarity in what they see.

That beauty is merely perceived,

And sight is given not by our eyes,

But harvested from the interpretations of our hearts. 


This could be interpreted many different ways, but I wrote it to illustrate my own realization that it is possible to make the best of every situation, to live in and out of the moment, all at the same time, and to see the slivers of hope and life in even the darkest areas. Now I strive to live like that, so that I can look back and be proud of every moment, good and bad. Being flawless isn't an action; its a state of mind. 


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