I Woke Up With All The Questions


Dentists would always call me "Bucktooth Beaver,"

Potentially straight teeth, was everyone, even I, a nonbeliever?


The other girls said my breasts remind them of a boy,

Did they not know, my feelings they destroy?


The photographer never knew why my smile was slanted,

Does everyone else look at me so disenchanted?


My own father left and never said goodbye,

Why is it that not even blood would care if I die?


Even with my Vyvanse, teachers said I am just too dumb and my mind was in the clouds,

Did they know there words no longer hurt, because I've gone numb? 


But one day I said I am better than this,

Why was I too insecure to always feel this bliss?


I was too worried about what others think,

Why was I allowing others to cause me to sink?


I started with self-talk to help me shine,

"Girl you are beautiful, don’t you know you are oh-so-fine?"


They laughed while I conquered and won,

Tell me haters, what's that look on your face, is that stun?


Time for change, a switch up in style to go with my new attitude,

Didn't you want me to change, and show you some gratitude?


My teeth are so white and bright; I'm envied by the Sun,

I'm sorry; do they hurt your judging eyes? 


My body is not manly but athletic, 

I'm sorry, are you against being fit?


My smile is one of the many reasons I am extremely picturesque,

I'm sorry, are you mad I, unlike you, don't let my insecurities keep me from endless selfies?


My family is the ones who have always been there and have shown me love, regardless of blood,

I'm sorry, are you jealous? Would you like an invite to our Christmakuh parties? 


My knowledge was never lacking because of a disability, 

I'm sorry; did you think your ignorance would make me depreciate my genius outlook on life?


Silly me, I'm too fabulous to live a life so aweless,

No more questioning, I'll just stay flawless.

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