I'll be growing up raising six children

A baby in each arm

While the rest sit in front of the one television we have.


I'll be working two or three jobs

While my children run around the house

Raising each other and wrestling.


Their father will be on the street

Selling flowers to passing cars

Just to make a few bucks for a case of beer.

Being Hispanic,

It's expected to have divorced parents.

It's expected to be related to everyone.

It's expected to automatically know Spanish.

Being Latina,

People think they know what you are 'cause you're tan.

People think you can cook great Mexican dishes.

People think you know how to salsa dance.

Being Mexican

Apparently you were born in Mexico.

Apparently you're good at jumping fences.

Apparently you have what it takes to play soccer.

Besides the stereotypes,

I have a bright future

And I will be successful.


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