Filterless and Flawed

Without my filter, who would I be?

Without my filter, who could I be?

Without my filter, I'm not the confident girl I pretend to be.

Without my filter, I'm a fearful child.


Aren't we all?

When we take off our filters, we admit to ourselves that we're not perfect.

We admit to ourselves that we aren't who we pretend to be.

We reveal to ourselves that we're raw, scared, and completely flawed.

But in this filterless state, we also discover precious secrets that shouldn't be hidden.

We discover that we're beautiful.

We discover that we're not perfect, but that no one else is,

And that's okay.

We discover that we are an individual, that we're unique

We discover ourselves.



I like it! I love that you were able to make it poetic without using rhyme! It really worked well



Thank you for your comment and for letting me know what I did well! (:

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