Who the fuck am I, you asked.

I think the real question is who the fuck are you?


What makes you think you have the right to judge me. 

Who gave you the option of changing who I am.

How can you predict my future, So once  again you 

ask, Who the fuck am I?..


I am your worst nightmare you've ever had

I am the one that should have never trusted your ass. 


I can be the sweetest person in the world,

or the biggest BITCH you ever heard of.

I have a bright future a head of me ,

and my smile leaves a mystery. 


The next  time you ask who the fuck am I,

remember to look in the mirror because I am you.



Guide that inspired this poem: 


Nerd Lady

This invested fear into my humble quiet writer's mind. Whether the fear was plaesant or not, the poem evoked a response. Good job. 

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