Who Is She ?


Accepting. Powerful. Integrity.

Looking in the mirror these are the words I see in me

I See a Queen

The warmth of her soul equally coheres to the fire in her eyes

Which lights a match to the sensation of climbing the Everest of her mind

The deepness of her thoughts illustrates the creativity that subsists within her

The articulation of the words that she speaks forces you to stop the misconception

And fathom the acceptance that she is no ordinary girl

She is a rare breed

Adam’s Eve.

The tone of her voice is richer than the tone of her skin

Which surpasses the magnitude of any covetous collection in its utmost condition

Her energy blossoms more vibrantly than a spring time flower

Earth’s sweetest nectar

The aroma of existence exist sweetly in the air making it hard to forget her

She has the heart of a lion but gentle as a summer time breeze

Amazing how she is but its extraordinary who she inspires to be

A better being for not the flesh of man but for the spirit of her future seed

The trait of confidence resides with her like lipstick stains throughout the day

Her dreams and aspirations are the motivation to push forth and never be led astray

Her worth is more precious than any valued possession  

The true meaning of jack of all trades, the implication of beauty and brains

Self-governing queen needs no man to complete her

She’s a master piece of her own, modern day Mona Lisa 


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