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when i die i want to come back as a dog.    i want to come into this earth as a minuscule being, crammed in tight quarters, unsure of what to think. 
why can't you see the life in my eyes? why can't you see the tears flowing down? whe can't you be nice why  why why?   why can't you just hold me, and cuddle  and stroke my furr?
When I was a teen I had a rat. A white dumbo rat, with red eyes, who was blind. Her name was Fresno, like the California nightcrawlers she bore resemblance to.   
                                                        Children already grown Kisses already forgotten Plants already flowered Flowers already burgeoned
Your calming noisesYour soft, soothing furYou have always been there for meand I will always be there for you   The thoughtthat anyonecould hurt you…   Breaks my heart.  
Love those who love you Appreciate those who appreciate you A dog never bites its owner
These are not events that took place very far in the past These are obviously ongoing racial gaffes and contrasts Where human beings are bombarded and mistreated
Tell me more about democracy   Nobody is a fool Tell me more about dichotomy Go ahead! I am cool
I love; I really love your voice and your dictionRecite me a poem in an unknown languageI don't give a darn about the pronunciationUndress the words; I love them when they're naked.
Pondering Caterpillars Not ordinary small, fuzzy green ones But big tigers with eyes all over
  Violence against women is simply unholy and unacceptable.
You would have to see or witness this to believe it These horses were smarter than the border patrol agents Because the smart animals avoided charging these poor migrants
Losing someone you love is the hardest thing that anyone can go through, It's so strange to think about them being gone when they were always there for you. Some people will never understand the love that we have for our pets, 
A gentle and kind creature, Curled up beside me. A loyal companion, A best friend. An innocent being, Sentient and kind.
Fickle felines are indifferentindependent from their hostinquisitive and leeryskittish as you approach 
Feelings and closeness,are we the only onesthat romantically and lovinglytry to stick together?the vast animal kingdomcan show us howmaybe monogamously better. 
Of Course Nature PLUNDERS... And Can Be THUNDEROUS... !!! But It’s Also... WONDROUS... !!!!! And Is Clearly Something That Helps Us To LIVE... !!! So To Go AGAINST That’s Clearly NOT A Wise Plan... !!!
I respect the Animal Kingdom, most live in zoo's. They reflect the creatures within me, within you. Have love for animals, but don't live like animals or you'll end up caged or shitted on in your own home.
What a beautiful day it would be  The butterflies roam free  No one to chase thee    A world without humans  Oh, what a day  it's a blessing upon us all or so we say   
thickets of ivy bathtubs of mud a consortium of bubbling bleating hearts slipping, sliding gliding with  powers of croaking warlocks from stick to rock-- careful, hold on,
Going. Gone Out of this world of ours. No more, no longer   Extinct forever.
Going. Gone Out of this world of ours. No more, no longer   Extinct forever.
I HEARD THE WILD I heard the echo honk of black Canada geese, neatly parting the moonlit sky,and the melodious warning of a red winged black bird scaring his neighbors nearby.
The storm leaps around it wanders everywhere it runs fast like a monkey and grabs everything around it a banana from the tree jessy 's umbrella and what not? no one can control it
  Dna a pattern woven through time and space  I am it’s here and now Sacred human connection as told in the stories of old  I am the calling of my ancestors
Warm hands gliding through their coarse, black hair Warm stares coming from their dark, endless eyes Cold breeze sweeping through all of them, so bare
She moves so swiftly her paws kissing the ground. Her eyes switching left and right trying to find prey. She is pure white, fur thick and glossy nose as black as coal and her eyes gleaming crystal blue.
Nature is my home, it inspires me to be who I am the outdoors is a stress reliever, a safe place. No drama. No gossip. Just peace   Nature is a place where you are persuaded by your own thought
Sometimes it is hard to explain to people what is going on in your head, To put into words all of these thoughts that you typically dread. Sometimes you realize that maybe it is better to not talk about them at all,
Fierce as the tigress Pure as lilies There’s a fire in her eyes Tongue like a blade yet witless Bleeding heart that’s chaste as ice
Alligator, alligator O hidden devil of the Everglades Feared by many Murderor of children And various other small creatures Crooked toothy smiles Slurping in the swamps
Thundering clambering beating bumbling Creatures Not dainty deer in an English wood Buffalo Buffalo driving the prairie to mud Drinking the streams Tearing up the grass Like they will be torn up
When the Light Fades Natali Hutcheson   Hurry! Green mountains turn to dark silhouettes 
He had trouble hopping in the currents. His usual flexible fins seemed stubby in the water. He splashed and swished, flexing and relaxing his long muscles. He got no where no matter the angle.
They move without a purpose They stop and start with the longest pause in between I don’t have time to stop I gotta keep moving If I stop it’s for food
Benny’s Biography By: Alexis Seith   im a kind and carefreey kiddo, and my name is benny hyde. im sory for my speling but, you see, im only 5. my brother-he’s in first grade
  So it begins. The temperature rises. Everyone's running amok Willing to do whatever it takes To make the loudest sounds Find the one, Reproduce,  Die,  So the ones after me
Stream bends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Slowly ends.           
O DOUG! my Doug! Our joyful trip is done, The collar weather’d every task, the happiness we made was fun, The time is near, the sobs I hear, the people all crying,
The world, a child  her mind, a chamber  for nurtouring thoughts  no creature could blame her   stained skin  with blood so pure  they crave for her veins  In search for a cure 
I was born in the land of women.   Raised by wolves,   Nurtured by mother bears, fierce and strong.   A tiger, stripes a path to their past, and a future they refuse to sacrifice.  
The sun shines as God approaches,He leaves a beam of light in the dark forest.The beam of light brightens to a shape of a lion.God sent him to shimmer the forest to lustre;
O Here rises the morning sun!The grass sprouts for the sunrise;The trees dance as the wind howls;Primroses and Cowslips bloom with joy.  
In the Jungle, there is a mystery of darkness and wonders; There is a war between a mighty beast and a man. They kill for pleasure and for vengeance;
A grass-fed cow Should not be grass-fed beef. We should leave for the living, The leaf. Cows know about cows. A cow should be the cow-chief. A cow-herder is a cow-thief.
A small grey squirrel, Twitches his great, bushy tail, Then bounces away.  
Doggies. Very loyal. They are human's prime friends. Do not cause any harm to them. Canines.
this in chilling remark, forget the picture, and embark on a change in circumstances, across chasms unboundable by some, unfounded by others, and wanted not for, by those in widst in the midst of nothing left on forest floor unnoticable, in this g
To you it might not seem a lot And to you he cannot give it thought But for every little thing you do He owes his entire world to you.
Thick feathers protecting soft down Feathers muddy brown reflecting sunlight Sky’s scent absorbed in flight Piercing eyes knowing secrets Eggs in unstable nested in an unstable world  
soft kitten fur against my baby cheek puppies run to catch me by diaper up high on horseback with mom behind me kids and lambs nibble little ears children soak up the world
I see the world in its beautyOthers see me in fear   I see the world in its graceOthers see me and sneer   Something calls me outA shriek, a scream, a screech  
Am I scared of lonely? I won’t let it take a hold or control of me  But it definitely consumes me
Frantic wings beating blindly, Bombarding the window pane. Beak nimbly tap tap tap tapping the glass it doesn't see, Jewel toned chest sparkling sapphire in the sunlight.
As she looks out the window, her tail swishes. Is this what’s become of her wishes? This panther turned domestic Is no less majestic Than the vision of herself That she left high on a shelf.
"what is the thing your are most afraid of?" i ask  the pigs look at me and a river falls from their eyes "life" they answered before my next question asking them "why?"
I.   Dear Tesfaye, I wish you didn’t have to grow up like this. I wish there was more I could do to help. You are only four, still too young to fully understand. Poverty
naked under a juniper tree  bareboned and rigid like the rocky mountains afar feeding on the old mulch blind and dirty   burnished hazel protuberant eyeballs dumb as marbles  dialeted as the full moon
Dear Earth,   Your rolling fields of amber grass, Cerulean waves of primeval, And skies painted with ripe orange, bubblegum, and perfect aubergine Are no longer as beautiful as they once were.  
A squirrel scampers across the road Seeking adventure in a big world Eyes bright, tail bushed, quick paws Yet, in a flash, the pause is eternal  Perhaps a big world crushes big dreams  
Dear mama,
Dear Animals, You’re the problem in the world. You think that just because you can walk, talk, And have guns, makes you better than everyone else.
The wind blows softly, guiding small snowflakes on their dance through the sky.
All dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Empire,  
There is a forest A dim forest full of dusky trees and damp moss Tiny critters that scuttle about Weaving in between the roots of dying oaks and already dead birches
The forest, its filled with trees, and bees, they land on the flowers and the trees. The forests, its filled with animals, and rivers, they run through the trees.  The forest,
Creatures. Some are our pets Who do deserve our love. Adopt them to demonstrate that. Creatures.
Ever more I gaze upon the Everglades Ever more They will be no more Evermore I see the poison in my veins Ever more I will be no more
Those who say that love is blind have never seen the way that your eyes sparkle when Margaret crawls into your lap and starts to purr. It is an honor to be so trusted by an animal with so little trust to give
Suffering terrified and Helpless Encaged very Lonley Tattered frightEnd Restless
It's nice outside I might not hide Away I go I'll buy a box of mysteries Maybe filled with histories I wouldn't know Happened to skip a meal today Saw the bills I forgot to pay Away I go
O'er the mountain, Under gray sky,  An eagle calls, I hear his cry.    O'er the mountain,  Doves mourn and cry,  Sit and listen,  As they all sigh.   
Once upon a time...
 Writing, the power that masters the beast That turns into something easy to caress Into a bliss of doubt Of fondness, just like love.
Every day he does the same.He lounges around, he gets nearbut then goes away.I always wonder why he doesn’t stay.
In my neck of the woodsWe hide our fears In the trees aboveThat spout our stories for usIn the forested road. With antlers and paws With general retributionIn our own causes. We remember the waterBut are led to no whereBecause we wonder yet trembl
My dear old home, how we have wronged you. So Blinded by green greed, while your green turned grey. “Their safety is sound” we spoke without woe,
Have you ever Stared into the  Darkening shadows of the night, Searching for the secrets That hold nature together? Have you ever Felt it staring back?   Those that dare to try
Since when did a lack of opposable thumbs become a death sentence? Abused dogs, grilled cows, and fur-coated chinchillas All want the same the thing We take that dream of living away from them
7:53 The door closes behind me and I slip in, Unnoticed, hopefully, And granted free. Late.  They walk in late. "Sign the clipboard." Stamp of feet as the herd obeys.
Have you ever wondered what happens to you when you die? Where do we go? Do we begin to fly? Some say the world glows, some say you lose all your clothes
    Come here my best friend You can scratch me anywhere      Lick your face and hand
     Approacher beware Shouldn't touch me anywhere    I'll scratch your eyes out
Of the many things wrong, I find this one to have a grip on me, strong We need reform Let us perform A societal change Refute the strange
Without my majestic horse to ride I'm filled with the lonliness of a starless night sky So I disappear into the sunset only sadness at my side Never again able to enjoy the beauty of starlight
Puppy Red Bone Coon Hound Sweet with soft scarlett fur Curiosity of a cat Canine Loyal Best companion Highly tuned sense of smell Courageously defending me Fearless Princess
Have you ever thought about what goes behind making your soap Have you considered the methods of how its made  For animals, there is no hope  They just want someone to come to their aid 
I am from laughter, joyfulness, and a caring family, from my very first furry friend on Christmas morning, to my 10th birthday at Disneyland with friends.  
  Have you ever heard the mockingbird sing?   For the first few seconds of its sweet song, I always believe it to be a Cardinal
Lacy trails of light shroud her in golden fog, Feline figure illuminated, nature’s sunny spotlight dancing softly over her Tiny paws stretch curiously along the shadow cast by the open window.
Why is it that I can sense a snake in the grass and will run in the opposite direction but when I felt you inching closer and closer to me I watched you like a National Geographical special, a child mesmerized by the carnival rides
The road so long and winding, The rocks beneath my feet watching, I kick a rock, I watch it roll; then it stops, And then I keep on walking.  
Keep going. I dare you. But I can't fool you. My children will starve And be excited to see trees At the rate That everything is disappearing. Prepare for fishless oceans
The way that the sun sets and the sky looks as if it’s on fire, Sitting on the edge looking down endless rows of trees and wanting to be even higher,  
Please don’t make fun of me When I say I’m a vegan Because you say you love Fluffy
I still hear the children playing, They have their own homes now. I still hear the horses running, They have passed away now. I still hear the rain falling,
Why is finding happy upbeat songs so hard to do? They are always on the radio (the same ones over and over) But as soon as you try to find one alone they are like
What makes me happy? Well, I could always go for a nice long nappy, or read a book full of dragons and wizards, while eating a large dairy queen blizzard.   But what makes me really smirk?
Words drift into Oblivion The night stretches into Morning Alarm rings into Irritation Dawn breaks into
Rigby is my dog Without him I would be lost  He lights up my world  
Defenesless against you, scared of you.  Four legged lives have feelings too, they are not stuffed animals.  They are real, they breathe just like humans do. They need food just like humans.
I’ve had a long day. I’m coming home. I kick off my shoes, Moaning and groaning.   Then I see you. My face lights up.   You run towards me. You jump on me. You lick my face.
Rolling on overwet noses and furry tailsmake the day perfect
I wish to be like a tree Have the sun provide all my energy I crave to destroy what I was before In order to become something more beautiful, a part of nature. Instead I'm human  The worst of them all 
Sometimes you just have one of those days Where absolutely nothing is going your way you bombed that science test you spilt juice on your shirt you scraped your knee  dropped your ice cream on the dirt
A wag for a smile A nudge for a pet A lick for a laugh A cuddle for a hug A fetch for a ball Would you look at that I'm happy after all
I am antique malls and dusty dishes  I am front porch pickers and moonshine sippers  I am light up sketchers and spongy pineapple dwellers I am young mistakes and a family disgrace I am dogwood trees and honey bees
Their wild nature writhed and burned, Yearning to be free and untamable, But the chaotic torch of the untouchable soul Filled the heart with flame, dancing and burning And free, and it called with an unsingable song
You use me whenever you want. You think I was created to satisfy your needs. Don't you know I bleed? Don't you know I hurt? Can't you let me be? To you I'm only less than. I know. You know.
Activist, Conservationist, Environmentalist Veterinarian, Psychologist, Ethologist Poet, Writer, Singer Baker, Designer, Entrepreneur Mother, Daughter, Friend
They Come.Flapping their feathered wings.Mocking me in their bizarre language of squawks and gibberishCircling like vultures above unsuspecting vesselsSearching for scraps. If one brings out food on a boat, They Come. They Come in their vast numbe
Humans are Ignorant; Illiterate and Inexperienced. We live in a world Poisoned by Greed.
The animal was suffering cruel conditionsYou may ask yourself whyThe answer lay on monetary commissions The reason thousands of animals die.  
They give us their devotion and love, We respond with hate. They show us their loyalty, We cast them out on the street. They offer us constant companionship, We leave them alone to die.
Little Rowena, I wish you were here. I remember the first day I met you. You came out of nowhere and meowed at me. I would look for you other days but you'd disappear. You were absolutely endearing and cute.
I want to make a distinction Between “human” and Homo sapiens “Human” is my choice Homo sapiens is my species And I want to make a distinction Between “animal” and “Animalia”
Over the clouds, radience I see; Under the radience, a nest; Over the nest, a fire set on the tree; Under the tree, a hunterat his best; Over the hunter, a need to flee; Under the fear, the end of his quest.
Beauty is... A waterfall trickling into a small pond, Moss carpet cushioning the animals as they drink, Where people have not roamed Beauty is... The enchanted forest that comes alive
Haikus for Peace #1 Will there be peace soon? All I see is war and hate. In time things will change. #2
  Valuable in my Eyes   The artistic sky Paints a picture of freedom For lone gulls to fly.   On this island, “Perfect” can’t even describe the happiness that These warm currents bring.
A blackbird turned his eye on me and stopped me where I stood. He said that he would tell his tale if only, if he could.  
When I was one I went to the zoo Years later to Africa I flew Primates are my love To you, a dove My study was quite intense But in my defence, it's most likely my sixth sense
stroke his soft gray stripes sandpaper tongue rasps gently he sits and listens. 
If you asked me what all I'd need, If I was stranded on an island with just one thing... I would have to think, Just barely, And finally deside, It's my puppy.  
Sunglasses worn to hide your eyes. Spinning around using bonucular vision to spy. Looking around and waiting for any reaction. Trapped in your own extravaganza. At the zoo. The circus.
"The Fated Flower  The Final breath                  Understand,                   A fate called death The gentle lion The loyal horse                     May have seen,
"The darkness of a shadow The trickle of a stream The sweet grass in a meadow] As light cuts through the trees The little barn owl swoops low As a mouse rustles the leaves
"The winter comes The summer goes The ground is covered up by snow The summer comes The winter goes Steams from glaciers finally flow The winter comes The summer goes
"The expanse of the sky  The shine of the stars When the sleeping world lies The golden silence is ours The great big sea With hidden graves The oceans deep With countless waves
"Riding free  Forever young Feel the wind Rip through my lungs The pounding sound against my ears Helps to wipe away the tears All the memories of the saddle  Help me through those weary battles
(If I were stranded on a deserted island I would bring my love and respect for nature with me). I sat up on the hill, My gaze caught the shore, forest, and stream, Oh, what a thrill! T’was the most glorious dream,
You are one decade of my life Yet I am all of yours Forgive me, for your death too I decide And out of endless love there is remorse
Fierce they seem towards each otherThey are the most loyal of animals Always together like a familyNever traveling alone They depend on each other for survival
The fountain with a pond, Sheds light in the dawn As two little ducklings swam Gliding through the water to land. The male duck stretched and cawed The female duck tucked and cleaned
  His skin is a rounded tan feather on an eagle's spread wings His hair dark, damp pavement that glistens in the sun. His eyes a chocolate bar that melts in your mouth while devoured.  
Today I saw a squirrel  and I named it Peanut. I don't know why: he just looked like a Peanut, as in the name and not the food.   He was squat and round, grey whiskers poking out across
What I would give to be in Wyoming. Where mountains hug the sky and the wind whispers stories of yesterday. Where lakes mirror dusty pine trees and Father Sun is close enough to burn sunflowers
Yeah, let it be they say But nah, what’s the point of it? When life isn’t rife with objectives   You got to hand it to them, what’s life without discipline?
Recalling my first biology lesson  it smells of the sawdust that dries out their skin
As they run and gallop through the countryside, Their manes and hooves seem to glide. As fast and fierce as they can be, No other animal seem so free. Their love for human kind shows their big hearts,
Watching you, watching you abuse me. Sad eyes, asking why? What have I done? I have just been loyal to you, you take me for granted. You use me,  while I thought you loved me.
The first, She was a beautiful, Little girl with such unique, Interesting markings. I loved her. She was my best friend. If I was happy, It seemed she would celebrate with me.
Animals are mans best friends right? In this time of our lifes that saying is not true. Yet we think it is.
From the green grass fields  to the forest miles away  we've dug, we've torn, we've burned and killed millions today   We capture to use them for our desires
An expecting mother of any species, carrying an unborn miracle. Living on a small farm in a Southern Oklahoma town, this image is dear to my heart. The first breath in this vast and expasive world,
Big and black, white under neck, white on paws and under belly, furry and warm, smells like feathers. Always sleeping, always licking, meticulously cleaning fur. Laying on my bed,
They scream and cry
. pain, tears, and suffering disappointment in yourself and others’ disappointment in you   anger, hurt, and screaming
A fiery sunset over a lake at dusk The intricate carvings on an ivory tusk The ocean’s waves that crash and roar And break upon a distant shore The silvery twinkle in the stars at night
I take a walk around my neighborhood I see the houses and dogs and people I also see a tree in each yard Suddenly the houses disappear The people and the dogs are gone I am on top of a large hill
The soft sand warms her like a blanket  A cool breeze flows through her hair The waves splash and smooth her spirit  She views the horizon with love and care   
To bring some awe to your your life, look at the mundane in a new light
All animals feel pain Primates make different faces for different emotions Dogs remember who you are when you walk through the door Dolphins are known to communicate with each other
Horses, horses, horses Oh how I love horses Buckskins, Chestnuts, Appaloosa's, Pintos and colts, Halleluja! The wind blowing through their manes The sound of hooves on the plains
Through the ocean I soar Bue water like air under my fins I open my maw to feast Letting baleen filter out the brine Year after year I skim the waters My size serving as my insurance
The Tiger By Brennan Cameron   The tiger is a very skilled hunter of prey,  
Lilith, Baby Cat, Booger Ball, Booger...Bean. You knew your name before I did. I fell in love with you when you were first born on the fouton. Your eyes were closed, you fit in the palm of my hand
The blood seeps in Through the cracks on the walls And it penetrates  Into my spirit Evolving my state Into a more impeccable union   Listlessly it closes in On the lion
I know the tear soaked pillow all too well.
For decades you’ve used our bodies as your pincushion
Bright fleeting wings and leaves feathers and skin shed amongst bisque grass Slithering reptiles creep scampering all flee in a tide of squeals and screaming
Even though people think that they have the right to kill animals, Even if they think that animals provide us with what we need,
Hiding way deep down, a gypsy soul to be. Hiding way deep down, she had yet to see.   Still oblivious, but closer to her dream, Still obliviouse, potential it did seem.  
I'm all alone on this rainy, cold and empty street.  Where have you gone? Do you still care about me? Look i see a light on! I'm limping up to the door hoping to find you there.
Huge, gray wonders. Skin like leather draped over a seemingly giant frame. A curious appendage for noisemaking. Dark black eyes with kindness behind them. Majestic, beautiful, and playful.
Run quick rabbit run   Away from all your problems   Hide quiet rabbit hide
I have two cats One Black and One Gray One scratches and one plays
Before I was bornIt was warm and cosy.Sometimes I felt uneaseBut the rest was rosy.  
Inbetween the mountains I lay Waiting for a warm breeze. These days are rare now. I look around, I see beautiful, towering trees. The snow on the mountain tops shines.  
The rain pours outide This library echos with the raindrops. Singing a stormy song. Outside, It is a different song to sing. Animals, Former pets, Try to dodge the raindrops With no prevail.
The Northern Atlantic Right Whale  was nearly driven to extinction by whalers who killed them  because they were the easiest whale to hunt.    In today's society,
How can you slaughter them? The poor, hopeless babies The weary, weak elders All the souls in between   How can you sleep at night, Knowing that you are causing this suffering?
When I graduate high school, I'm definitely going to cry. I'll try hard not to, but there's no doubt I will.   When I graduate college, I'm definitely going to cry. I'll try to be strong,
(Twist and shout scholarship slam)
The gift of life is the most precious thing of all Two feet peak out from behind That will soon start to unwind And will make him stand very tall   We all watch in awe The mother is patient
You took my home My trees My life You rolled in with those big machines All loud and bright I am small I instantly fill with fright at the sight before me
Sunny   Happy smile   Always love my masters   Just waiting a hug   Suddenly a big stick coming through  
Humans are so fragile They must be taken care of. But animals don't matter Since they're never given love.   You begin to walk away Like you did no harm. The animals died today
How much for that pup in the window?How much turmoil has he been through?Why must you breed again and again?This is where I come in.Saving and rescuingThat is my destinyPeople say they're cute for a whileThat pup lives to see you smile.How will yo
Quel night, those timber windy woods and plains of shushing grasses The sky is very still while the earth slowly passes. Nothing stirs, no bird nor bear, across the country’s dim
I now stand alone; the last of my kind. My ears search the woodland for a familiar sound, but i am disregarded with silence. My mind is astray with thoughts of affliction and revenge. I am overcome with all loss of communication.
Cute, small, loving and always on my mind. My dog will forever be by my side. My dog is rare she is one of a kind, I will hope that we will never divide.   You would be surprised by how much I care,
As I drift off to sleep, my mind enters into a door of dreams, a door filled with adventures for me. Suddenly, I find myself in the sky in marvelous flight Seeing the world from up so high.  
I read "Walden" religiously.
But that's not what I saw. His body was limp and His nose was cold, and when we wanted him to stand He couldn't.   He had a look in his eyes like he knew all about life
We are mysterious creatures,
Small sad corpse, eyes gone grayI passed you only yesterdayThrough tattered walls you called to meThere’s no one in your home to tellThey left you like an empty shell
When I was six, I would lift this rockthat lay between the swing set and the shedof the backyard behind the little condo off of Bear Hill Road.Underneath the stone were tiny little black spots
I want you so much it physically hurts. 
You don’t know Do you What it’s like Not to be loved Not to have What you Take for granted: A home.   What do you Know about Hunger and Pain and
Why do I dream to be a Veterinarian, it’s funny that you asked. A Tiger, A Mother. A Hunter Striped orange and white Totally different from a Deer Who is as though appears Inferior
There are lions in jungles that roar with pride. There are snakes in the grass, they're sly, they hide. There are sheep led by pastors, so fluffy and round. The wolves are just hungry, they wander around.
Ever held a dead, lifeless body in your arms?
I close my eys and visualize my future,  a future where I am taking care of animals,  curing their injuries, making sure they are okay.   Dogs wagging their tails, cats mewing from their cages, 
The job that would change my life is becoming a Veterinarian. I want to help animals and care for them. Ever since I was at the age of 9 and I got my first puppy for Christmas I knew I loved animals and wanted to help them in any way I can.
Being the second born of three Mexican American children, I've been told i was born independent and always had my mind set, knowing what exactly it was that I wanted.
In my community We have many manatee, We need to protect the sea cow And I can tell you how,
Big kitty cat eyes, Innocent puppy dog cries. Homeless animals melt my heart, I have to step up and do my part. I want to save the cats and dogs, but first let me give some applause.
The Earth is like a caterpillar, unchanged but ready to grow. Earth's history is quite the filler,
Gentle and delicate,
animals are awsome ,animals are cool,animals are tight,animals are ficty
I once knew a little girl Push around and teased Who only ever wanted  To help and aid the weak   That girl never could Fit in with her own kind But she found that animals
Why change the Outer You can improve your Inner Find Beauty in Everything   Sharp eyes and Wet nose Animals-Innocence They, the Ideal Beauty   Beauty is Within
What have I done? Why do you beat me? Why won't you answer me when I cry throughout the night? These questions are running through their heads What wrong have they done? They just want your love
i am the firstborn cub to my mother and father born to complete what they lost in their own life cycles as a reincarnation sent to redeem the regrets nagging behind their sleeping eyelids.
Dream job? Dream job? Where are thou?
Never again will we see another day, Since we all have to play the game, To near waters filled with oil, What has become of us when we all dry and boil?   Never again will we live to breathe,
All I really know   is that my favorite color has always been blue.   As I have grown up in life   it was the sea and the sky that I intrigued me.  
  The scorching Serengeti heat casts a spotlight
 Shining on a glorious creature whose life is finite
 He enters the land of the stories untold But he is the hunter whose task is so bold

Thank you for caring.
We waste time We taste smoke outside We don’t care We don’t share We are so focused on our miniscule lives That we don’t stop to admire the scene around us There are miracles in this world
A kind, tender, benevolent creature living on it's own Content at it's highest it still remains, even within this time zone   With a heart so pure and full of life We destroy it, with our native hunting knife
I don't understand why we cant respect them all. We share this Earth with animals, big and small. Yet here we are, acting like we're better than them all. I want love, every where.
 The one job that will change my life. That one and only job will be the one I have always dreamed of. Veterinarian Technology.
how could you hurt something so defenseless how could you not love something so innocent shame on you, just shame on you a life that hurts an animal is less than a life to me
Although it's been two years now I am still reminded everyday and it brings me to a bow. The new playful puppy next door,  and all I want to see is you on my floor. Being strong through these days is hard,
I watched as the stranger beat my mother with a rod. I watched as he threw her onto a truck. I watched as the stranger beat my father with a rod. I watched as they threw him onto a truck.
  Our future depends on US.
They will break your heart Innocent lives gone forever Simply euthanized Taken without their consent Animals, we are their voice
  There is a noble King who walks these grounds; he brings peace and serenity.
i bring home a warm soul a bouncing tail a warm tongue what a gift   its nature is wild it runs with delight happy panting what a gift   it misbehaves
Sahara heat pierces the air
I've only just discovered this, there's no way you can tell me that this is fake!
When I was a small puppy I brought smiles to your face We played and we had fun You petted me softly You told me what a good puppy I was
Tricked into traps, Locked in cages, Thrown like trash off the tops of trucks. Scared, alone and helpless, They wait. They wait for their turn to be violently tortured,
The time has come and I'm ready to surpass one of life's greatest milestones that isn't taught in class. If I did not need to decide, I'd gladly take off and explore, but I must, so I shall, and I'll try not to view it as a chore.
We are the pod of the sea. We glide through oceans effortlessly. We are approaching our destination,
Like children, you are always getting into “things;” At 2 in the morning, it’s time to exercise. One does laps around the room while the other one sings, yowling tunes with high-pitched notes; why am I surprised?  
Banging machinery and grinding gears You find yourself among your peers Foreign yelling fills the air Absolutely unaware Of what this place has in store
Those donation boxes for the local animal shelter, school supplies, coats for the winter, clothes for the homeless, would be filled to the brim. Overflowing with fabric, food, pencils, cans,
Hear that rumbling roar, See that majestic bird soar,
On earth they lived since long ago then human race began to grow these children of nature are dissapearing but here we are not even caring slowly the world is also dying
The herds, Roaming free, Millions of black dots, Inhabiting the west, -Bang- The fatal crack of a gun, One falls then begins, Domino effect, Once sacred to the Natives,
put aside the crack walk by the crack see the plumber's crack now it is time to see and listen and maybe have a heart attack because my friends degrak is back  
Hay, straw, wheat, oat No, thats not a goat, It's my horse of course!   Jump, land, ride, stall, When we win,  The ribbons say it all.   Halter, saddle, stirrup, bit
Animals are family, are love
Flopping ears and sagging jaws I bolt across a field after the rabbit Digging holes with my big paws   Laying on the grass in the warm sun I sleep and dream and snore This life is full of naps and fun
Quiet your breathing, new young foal I’m here to aide in achieving our goals No need to breathe tirelessly There, relax, there’s so much to see     Shhh… Listen, do you hear the sound
The bitter cold tickles my delicately frosted leaves, chilling me to the very core of my being.
I lift my ears, lift my eyes Look up to the cloudy sky Rain falls, soaking me people hold their noses Why can't someone embrace me For who I am For who I will be I want to help
I lift my ears, lift my eyes Look up to the cloudy sky Rain falls, soaking me people hold their noses Why can't someone embrace me For who I am For who I will be I want to help
They say global warming is a hoaxI say... "thats insanely wack"I am sitting here, trying to convince you allTrying to get you join my one man wolfpack
The night is cold and still.
Too young, too small, but maybe so am I.
Outside the alley ready to go She waits with Foxy to hear hear her number Their hearts are pounding sounding like thunder She finally heard it, time to start the show Controlling the reins time moves really slow
Taylor Talkative, weird, funny, cuddlier Daughter of Jim and Tammy Lover of Chinese, Pizza, Animals, and German Shepherds Who feels happy around animals, and at Warped Tour Sad at Funerals
The Pit Bull friend or foe Mans best friend or no? Bread a killer or a devoted companion. The gentle giant to some, A murderer to most. Powerful, Intimidating, caring all so true,
We have feelings too, sir. I'm sorry for whatever I did. I promise, it won't happen again, sir. Why must you do this to a being much less powerful than you. I limp, I bleed, I cry, because of you, sir.
  You are the Lion, Strong and Quiet in the grasslands. I am the Gazelle, Graceful and Swift alone by the water.      “Our safari of hearts”   I know you're hiding somewhere in distance.
I am confronted by all their faces. The faces that say please love me In place of my owner who is an absentee. So, here I am, giving out warm embraces. I wish my work was enough,
I like when he comes to me for protection. I like his voice, deep but childish. I like the color of his pristine blue eyes. I like how he can sleep anywhere at anytime. I like when he cuddles next to me.
Why are animals overlooked? People should pick up a book. We tend to be like zombies, With no hobbies
The lion runs over the sun-bathed plains, Into the mountains where it rains. No longer a lion, but a goat, It treks up high, and then shakes its coat. Fur turns into feathers; it is now an eagle in the sky.
thump thump thump thump silence thump thump thump, it's three a.m. and little paws are about they race and play, until I say "Hey! I'm, trying to sleep!" Quietly, they creep.
The rain dropsnot from the clouds,but from the Heavens above.They drip from the treetopsand drop from each branchand nestle into leaves,glisten on webs woven tight fromspiders at night,
Some may not know it Because they can’t show it Dogs feel, taste, touch, and smell But compared to humans not as well We hurt, as do they They know when we are just putting on a play
    Born in her nurturing arms Cradle to death and back again, She held out her helping hands As a sanctuary for all her children,
"I Sting as hard as a Bumblebee" "But i'm gracefull as a Dove" "You can not defeat me!" "No sir-we I might be just a cub" "With all my might i put up such a fight!" "You can't defeat me"
I was settled in bed that night Had just turned out the light When I started thinking how good life seemed Before I became a teen Then I worried about  Moving out  And paying taxes and buying a house
Golden air of mountain,The Trees glow with the sunset light,They sing their own goodnights. Though not a last goodbye,From stream to mountain they sign on high,In air, their children fly. And the moon’s sweet whiteness,Will struggle with the sunse
Us humans; our mind: so strong, so alive, Usurper of Nature, the law, to survive. A hundred more years or a hundred more lives, But what does it matter if humans still thrive?  
Why is my mommy dead? I nudge her but she won't wake up, Is it beacuse she gives us all the food? People walk by but no one helps us, I paw at my mommy meowing, Im hungry but no one is helping us,
A cheetah hides in the shadows, As I hide from my fears. A cheetah is never afraid, yet I am. A cheetah attacks its prey with practice ease. Yet no matter how I try I fail to.
Dig away from all the dissappointment I get lonley in caves all by myself. Thoughts lose everything all in the moment, Scraping nails upon walls, all blood runs high.  
Listen to this story Of a land forward in time, Where a polar bear lives The last of his kind. He would wonder To and fro, And think what if Humans didn’t let global warming grow?
Horses are my life The Past Present and Future Everything to me
Will the lion's roar, Be heard forevermore? Or will it fade into the distance, Like the music of a past African dance?   Will the elephants still tread, the paths they've memorized in their heads?
Every day is a battle My house is a nightmare I love everyone here Sometimes I wished they'd disappear I hide myself in a empty room Hoping they wont find They call me crazy But they walk on two paws
Lying still, fur marred with dirt I lie lost in the land destroyed by wind The ground lay still now Leaving behind remnants of a once loved town My heart lay still The world turns on People walk over
Cast off Sea winds light. Laying along the gunwale, I drape my arms Skimming the heavy blue A warm body, irresistible, so cohesive Unstoppable motion Sacred air Face of calm, archaic organisms
Looking for a warning sign Amidst Earth’s complex design Light little plastic bags Jellyfish to the turtles with our tags   Our pistons out on an ego trip Guzzling so fast, we need an IV drip
cats are god cats rule all cats conquer hearts cats are the internet cats on shirts cats on posters cats allow no escape cats rule everything around me  
There comes a time when we all hold a responsibility For what the world is and what it could be But we often get trapped in our own reality Concerned only with the well-being of our families
Before words, Poetry was what I saw,                 Outside my window.   Swallows swooping from,                 Spittle-caked nests. Bobcats bounding among,
I am a frog  With no dog Because that dog Ran off my log Even though I chased my dog Off my log In the fog Now I see a hog  About to jog To my log To eat a frog
I talked with Mr. Parrot Indeed Indeed I did He talked of his voyge To see his uncle Sid   His uncle told him of the day   He saw the submarines dancing out in the bay   
The words unspoken between me and you, They have the same depth as a city pool. I wait and wait as time flies bye, Thinking about a life full of memories that you left behind.
Happiness is a tired heart And calloused hands. It's pain Relievers and aching metaphors.   Metaphors that breathe and sing Like Northern Cardinals 'what cheer! 'What cheer!' The rhetoric
In the dead of the night, The wolf pranced through the trees His jaws were clamped While his body weaved The wolf was a brute With a thirst to fight.   As the first opponent took his place
The great Leonardo  proclaimed that “the smallest feline is a masterpiece.” I can appreciate his taste in cats, as each one is brimming with pizzazz and spunk.
So I was thinking A bad idea at the best of times- of the ice which coated the air in the barn and it's something that renders a break in the lines of comfort and calm and the pride in the work
Such a beautiful face. Now sad and twisted And so out of place. All on her own. You cast her out into the night. Hungry and cold she roams. Why did you give her such a fright? All on her own.
swift lithe faster and faster but only when seen like this can it be seen the detail the spots, like little black stickers the skin stretching like putty
Duct tape Punch Kick Throw Slap Cut Bruise Scratch Scrape Starve Hurt Thirst Weight
1 Their splendor spreads around earth 2 Shaking the ground with every stride. 3 Sharing blood with the mighty lion 4 They’re gifted with graceful pride.
Ripped away from mothers Means nothing As long as we can benefit No room to breathe Means nothing As long as we can benefit Never seeing the outdoors Means nothing As long as we can benefit
Born in the middle of the night His coat soft as silk Scrutinizing the world around him He begins to learn the way of a horse Ready to grow big and strong
Gray like the hairs in mother’s mane, Eyes as deep as a wishing well, Black as the sky surrounding the midnight train. His back arched into a downward curve, Paws tucked and ready to pounce,
Food is my ultimate weakness I have stop and lose these pounds Because now I am so sleepless Shedding off weight has too many secrets The sugary snacks make me look fat all around Food is my ultimate weakness
I was born to this world as men's best friend, Not to be abused or to make this the end. We jump and play, it was all in vain I was named with happiness, Now my name is worthless. I want to speak and ask why
I knew the day, I saw those bright green eyes full of love, Just wanting an home and someone to love her back, My days would not be the same. So I wish for you now,
Riding in the middle of a grassy pasture A cool burst of wind tosses your hair The sun kisses your face And the rush starts
Tall, towering, majestic, grand. Clear, rushing, vibrant, pure. Alive, frolicking, happy, free. This is the way. This is the way the trees were. This is the way the water was. This is the way the animals were.
I am the meadow, the tranquil meadow. I am the trees, the trees that gently swayed. I am the birds, the birds that sweetly chirped. I am the flowers, the flowers that bobbed and danced.
The warmth, the beauty of a true masterpiece The flow of the breeze, giving the leaves temporary wings The rustle, as they wage waer to stay firmly on the tree In the end a loss, and now must lay on the ground
Skies stricken with the zephyrs of despair, Sun gleaming on gears of salvation, Nature may have something to spare; Then there would be glorified escalation.
The Black Death stands with his herd nibbling on the tough, stubby grass. The large crown adorning his head gleaming in the noon-time sun.
The Black Death stands with his herd nibbling on the tough, stubby grass. The large crown adorning his head gleaming in the noon-time sun.
PuttPutt my pup, He's a real mutt Chihuahua and something, I truly give up He can be... Hyper as a sugar baby, sweet as can be He's whining by my door just waiting for me
Never step on the tail of a cat. For all you know, he could be lying on the mat. And if you take one step on his tail, You will surely hear a most frightful wail.
I've heard about it back at the big farm. The Farmers told us that it's delicious. My Friends said: " Farmers are mean and cause harm." But they were nice and said I'm nutritious!!
The sun emits fading rays Warm breeze brings still air to life Twirling and spinning, the wind invites leaves To dance in unison, touching the warm earth Arriving at tiny bare feet A little girl giggles
When will we learn? When will we cry? We’re letting our planet burn, We’re letting it die. Nature’s balance has been upset, Who’s to blame? Who carries the regret, For setting our world aflame?
I am the tiger, mighty and strong; I roar out against poaching, which is cruel and wrong: “Hands off my parts!” I am the wise elephant, who forgets nothing at all; And now I want the world to hear my call:
Carbord, sharpie marker, to me is making a way asking for help asking to be loved nothing wrong with that coping with it stress trying to make it better What's the problem?
We love you more than we even love ourselves. We live to be loved. Your attention and loving hands embrace us. Your actions train us to be good. Society has honored us. Society has shunned our kind.
They are just like us, From characteristics, To emotions. They lift our spirits, On our darkest days. They always want to Be with us Even if we ignore them. They complete Our life.
Caged and helpless Desperate and Alone Confused and senseless Wishing to go home In a dark room All filled with the wild Everything filled with gloom Scared like a child
Before the day of the wind, Before it aggrandized and became a threat, Before it swirled above me, becoming anything but vapid, I had the sleazy, grass-topped shelter that I called home.
Vegan, a what? Cult? A kinda Fruit? Is that in the Middle East? (heard it all) No meat, no animal milk or eggs!?! A freak, a hippy, an anarchist, A radical extremist, must be sickly,
The roar of the river, The speed of the hurricanes, The strength of the mountains, The stealth of the tornatoes, does not even compare.
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