The lonely Vegetable


The bitter cold tickles my delicately frosted leaves,

chilling me to the very core of my being.

I am lost, forgetten,

destined to reside in this neverending and unforgiving winter.

Scarcely are we freshly used 

to plant seeds of life and creativity

into the future.

What is it that is scratched onto the dirty lunchroom boards?

Reheated, and questionable flesh- 

an innocent life taken too quickly,

and tossed together with dry day-old potatoes,

and a side of week old slimy cups of my elders.

But nowhere do we see,

a healtheir option like tofu, 

or, us, fresh vegetables with our close friend hummus

whom is chock full of energy.

And nowhere do we see, 

an alternative line

for those who choose to respect those

who also riside on this planet alongside us.

And nowhere do we see,

options for the rash prone students,

who at the sight of a peanut or grain of wheat

swell up like a balloon.

What about the rights of the living? Let us be free!

Free us from these chilling shackles 

and allow us to carry out our destined duty:

keep all the beautiful living creatures

alive and healthy

so I may be rid

of this frosty emptiness

that consumes me.


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