Fri, 02/28/2014 - 17:59 -- lalicea

We waste time

We taste smoke outside

We don’t care

We don’t share

We are so focused on our miniscule lives

That we don’t stop to admire the scene around us

There are miracles in this world

And there are failures

Impossible possibilities that cannot be accomplished

And we are both, miracles and failures

It is a miracle that each and every one of us is on this Earth

Living, breathing, doing

It is a miracle that our bodies and minds have adapted to this environment

And continue to be adaptable

We are the strongest predator but we are a failure

We are a failure in preserving the things we love

We are a failure in conserving this place eternal

We were given so much

Yet we do not fight to keep it

There has been too much destruction for gain

Too much carelessness for power

We are a failure to mother Earth,

But, things can change

For it is not too late

Hope is instilled in every willing heart

And miracles can happen

Like we are


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