May 17: Stridulation - to produce a shrill, grating sound, as a cricket does, by rubbing together certain parts of the body


So it begins.

The temperature rises.

Everyone's running amok

Willing to do whatever it takes

To make the loudest sounds

Find the one,



So the ones after me

can do the same thing.


The night is dark

The night is here

How much more will it take 

Before 'the one' comes?


I'm not sure if I want to keep doing this

There are so many others 

who are capable of doing this


There are plenty to go around for everyone



I won't have to do this

I am only one

The world won't end if one doesn't do it

The world won't end if one doesn't find another one

It will be okay

I will be okay


I won't make my sounds 

because I need 'the one'


I will make my sounds 

because I can make my sounds


And so my sounds

blend with the others

the night fills with our calls

while everyone else rests in their homes


Enjoying the 

breezy, cool night.


This poem is about: 
Our world
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