The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Once upon a time...

A pool of crimson blood
A baby found in the forest
The village searched relentlessly
To find the parents who were surely worried
No luck
The girl grew up intelligent and strong
Yet she felt different from the rest
Something was wrong
Others could sense it too

While doing her tasks
She saw an abnormally large wolf
Lumbering towards the villagers' sheep
It attacked them
Eating one
Blood spilled everywhere
And she shrieked for help
She began to cry

People rushed over
But they saw nothing
The wolf was gone
And all the sheep were accounted for
It happened on several more occasions
The girl was deemed crazy
A liar

One day while tending to her own sheep
She heard a call
Strange sounds coming from the forest
A howl
She walked over to investigate
There were gleaming eyes all around
Like stars twinkling in the night
Predators looking at its prey

She ran and was knocked down
No one heard the girl's cries for help
As she was dragged away
In the middle of nowhere
Surrounded by wolves

Before her eyes
They began to transform
They grew limbs
Their fur disappeared
And they took a human form

Bowing to her
Outstretched arms...

Welcome home.


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