The Whale's Tale


Through the ocean I soar

Bue water like air under my fins

I open my maw to feast

Letting baleen filter out the brine

Year after year I skim the waters

My size serving as my insurance

A million fish scatter

I am the biggest thing in these waters.

I know this route like my lungs know how to breathe

The coast remains unchanged

Except I am my only company

Year after year I skim the waters

"I wonder where my brothers have gone"

Never did I guess my fate would be such as theirs

I am the biggest thing in these waters.

As I close in on a lively sandbank

A mysteious visitor presents herself

My heart crested and danced with glee

"Have my pod finally returned?"

Year after year I have searched for them

Anticipation is crushed as I am pierced

The water turns purple around me

And my vision blurs indefinitely

A strong hand yanks me backwards

Taking a firm grip on my fate

My thrashing hardly rustles her sprawling sails

What did I do to deserve this pain?




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