The Stolen World of a Deer

You took my home
My trees
My life
You rolled in with those big machines
All loud and bright
I am small
I instantly fill with fright at the sight before me
These big huge monsters that are yellow and white
Are knocking down my life
I feel the ground rumble
Then I see the tree in front of me sway
Its goes down with a crash and a thud
My home once green and bright
My home once filled with light
My home that was filled with flowers of every color
Reds, blues, pinks, purples, and oranges that all flow together
My home once peaceful and quiet at every hour
With the sun slanting and the dust twinkling in the lazy evening sun light
Is now disturbed by your monsters
One tree
Two trees
Three trees
It will never be the same as before
Why are these monsters so big and bright taking away my life?
Why are they stealing my world from me?
Where shall I go?
Where shall I stay?
Where can I play?
I snort at them
But they don’t listen
They don’t understand
I try to tell them to go away
But that falls on deaf ears and is swept away
Don’t they understand that I live here?
That I play here?
That I grow up here?
That I die here?
My big brown eyes are like a sponge
They are taking everything in
This beautiful place I called my home
All I desired is now torn away
My mother comes up beside me and snorts at me
She is saying it’s time to go
It is no longer safe here
Goodbye home
Goodbye trees
Goodbye life
Goodbye awful monsters that stole my world and life


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