Puppy Blues

Sometimes you just have one of those days

Where absolutely nothing is going your way

you bombed that science test

you spilt juice on your shirt

you scraped your knee 

dropped your ice cream on the dirt

even though it might look bad 

I promise you it will get better

Especially coming home that day 

seeing your doggy knawing on your fuzzy sweater

Because even though their a handful their still lots of fun

the way they act around you, you know their the one

the one dog who gets you, who knows just what to say

without saying anything and just wanting to play

they love to run care free unaware of their surroundings

And how you guys play catch, when you throw that ball they love how it just keeps bouncing

the love for your dog and the love it gives back to you is like no other

you cant even get that much loving sometimes from your own mother!

because even when your having a bad day 

and you see them knawing on your shoes

you know that furry best friend of yours

knows just how to get rid of the blues.




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I feel that this is a great interpretation of how little things in life can annoy you and bring you down. However, you see just how small those little annoyances are when you're dog is doing something around the same context and its adorable and cute. And all the dog does is make you smile, laugh, and be happy. This poem shows how powerful the love of a dog and its owner can really be. How uplifitng and inspiring love in animals really is and how it makes you look at life at a different angles. Animals really do teach us a lot more than we think until we really take a look at from a different perspective which they help us see.

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