Destruction and Acknowledgement


The Northern Atlantic Right Whale 
was nearly driven to extinction
by whalers who killed them 
because they were the easiest whale to hunt. 
In today's society,
just over five hundred 
Northern Atlantic Right Whales are left in the wild. 
It's hard to comprehend the way 
the universe works,
until you look into the eye of a Right Whale
and understand that all has been forgiven.
You are not your ancestors.
You are not your past. 
Each whale that I encountered,
each scar and marking,
reminded me of the cruelty 
they had suffered,
but assured me of the future.
In an ideal world, 
there would be no extinction. 
No species in endangerment,
no need for conservation.
But humans, as a whole,
are a destructive force. 
How can we include ourselves in nature,
when we are the ones who are
tearing it down? 
How can we live with in pure bliss,
while we are really living in ignorance?
What uplifts me?
I am uplifted when I am assured.
When I am assured that the number of Right Whales
is increasing everyday, 
I have hope. 
And hope is what we have to hold onto,
when we live in a world 
where annihilation is more prevalent than construction.   
I am uplifted when I realize
how beautiful the world truly is.  
I am uplifted when I am reminded 
that we are all equal.
Whales to humans,
humans to whales. 


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