The sparrow and the stray cat

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 12:11 -- nearki

Every day he does the same.
He lounges around, he gets near
but then goes away.
I always wonder why he doesn’t stay.

I sometimes think he resembles a stray cat.
It doesn’t go with him, life settling in a home.
All potential owners wipe tears from their eyes
when he follows his true nature and breaks all ties
returning to the street and trusting only himself,
he prefers being always on his own,
not even with a shoulder to rely on.

And I’m just like a sparrow on a wire.
I can feel it from afar, his fire
burns me and I want to open his heart wide
look inside of it and then
our gazes meet, and every time my eyes close
I dream of it, that he beckons me over.
And he promises, swears over and over
that he won’t hunt me down with his claws
and tear me to shreds till I’m gone.

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I like this, super interesting way of interpreting an unrequited love.

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