Rowena the Black Cat

Little Rowena, I wish you were here.

I remember the first day I met you.

You came out of nowhere and meowed at me.

I would look for you other days but you'd disappear.

You were absolutely endearing and cute.

After I gave you food you'd purr full of glee.


I remember often getting mad,

Wondering who had abandoned you.

Feeding you was a way to help you and I was glad.

It was odd how you would show up on cue.


After you meowed at me, 

You began to meow at my family.

We all would take turns giving you food,

Watching you as you chewed.


We moved far away from there,

I wonder if anyone is giving you care.

You deserve the best, and I miss you.

Sometimes I feel so blue.


I pray you are healthy and well.



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