Staying together

Wed, 06/09/2021 - 16:08 -- mrapook

Feelings and closeness,
are we the only ones
that romantically and lovingly
try to stick together?
the vast animal kingdom
can show us how
maybe monogamously better.

from the soaring brave Bald Eagles
and the carrion eating Condors,
to the heart shape caressing necks
of the white Swans' embrace,
multi-colored Love Birds earn their name,
the heart of scarlet macaws
the orange billed Puffins
to gliding Sandhill Cranes' grace.

puffing his chest and bobbing his head
Turtle Doves' call for love,
devotion of the Canadian Geese
ecstatic display of the Macaroni Penguins
Monk Parakeets constantly preening
in a tree from high above
Albatrosses fly great distances
and always come back home.

birds seem to corner the market
of how to stay together
the commitment to each other
usually lasts forever.
are we the only ones that find it hard?
the need for close relations
as we bounce so easily from one to another
just to find the one elation.

the Seahorse's intertwining tails,
Queen Angelfish are never alone
Gibbons are like us humans
just like the Prairie Voles,
Wolves are loyal and pious,
cuddling golden Barn Owls,
with animals there are no liars.

Gray Foxes, Oldfield Mice,
the fragile antelope Dik-diks
playful Otters have their fun
they forever have their mates,
humans can learn a lesson
to stick with one and have faith,
bringing the world together,
if animals can do it
then it's really not too late.

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Our world



Love and hate

War and peace

Loners as well

Guides as superiority complexes


Not sure i understand how your comment reflects my poem. Especially the last line.

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