Safari of Hearts


You are the Lion,

Strong and Quiet in the grasslands.

I am the Gazelle,

Graceful and Swift alone by the water.

     “Our safari of hearts”


I know you're hiding

somewhere in distance.

The pitter pat of your paws

draws all the blood to my heart.

Beating, Beating

Full of blood.

              “For you, For you   

           I’ll come undone”


Creeping from the high grass

Your growls whisper through the air.

My crimson heart,

now belongs to you.

Playing, Playing

Win the game.

      “Crawling, Crawling

              It’s you I claim”


Our eyes meet in turn

While we both begin to yearn

For the pounce

Of the Claws

And the bounce

Of our Hearts

As we beautifully commence

To tear each other apart

      “Closed eyes

             Deep breath”

      “Wide eyes

      Sweet death”








Just so you are aware, this looks completely different from how I typed. I used italics and different fonts to help the reader understand more but I guess it didn't go through.

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