The lonely Animal

Am I scared of lonely?

I won’t let it take a hold or control of me

 But it definitely consumes me

Feelings of isolation brings negativity to the soul of a human being

Where animals enjoy more socialization without the complexities of a broken society

How is this possible? If areas are flooded with people like swarms of flies waiting for food

All they must do is pick and choose

Animals are pure nature in which our society abuses because of jealousy to reflect that

 Instead we reflect filters and post to fill the black void of isolation

 Feelings of the empty soul have nowhere to pour out too, no listening ears, no hands to wipe away the tears

 Looking at innocent children setting powerful examples of what adults cannot handle

 The simplicity of conversation cannot take place with a mind full of empty space

 A lesson should be learned from the past and not the ignorance taught in the screen filled class

 Everything seems construed for unidentifiable reasons to have a topic of discussion

 But is that the solution? To then ignore the deep end of repercussions, consequences,

The real issues lies within humans trying to cover-up the confusion created with ties of promises

Viewing the course of nature is a cycle of survival and communication

Respecting the laws of itself, this answers my question.

Yes, I fear lonely, living amongst the crowd, I’m drowned out from the dysfunctionality of things since nothing operates innocently

 If not, I feel like we are robots, at least I’m proud its spelled correctly…


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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