Have You Ever Heard the Mocking Bird Sing?


Have you ever heard the mockingbird sing?


For the first few seconds of its sweet song, I always believe it to be a Cardinal

A few second later and I would asume there to be more than one bird singing

This is because the mockingbird is strange

Throughout its life, it spends all of its time perfecting its mimicry of other birds

Normally a mockingbird will sing for around 20 minutes

Repeating the song of almost every bird it has ever heard

Sometimes a mockingbird will mimic human dialect

Or even copy the screech of car alarms  


You could say...

It spends it’s whole life trying to sound like something it is not


Have you ever heard the mockingbird sing?


You must have, they’re all around

Every word hits the ground and shutters in your eardrums

You must know what I’m saying!

The one hung up on friendships, but gets ticked

Like: “this can’t be working, this can’t be it”

You know what I mean?

The one on the team

Loud mouthed, unpredictable, and sometimes obscene

Sliping through the seams

Falling out of the trees

Onto it’s knees

You must agree!


You must have heard


The bird


Sits in its room, feathers in its nest

thinks to do best

but lost

cold in the frost of its own mind


Slaves to themselves

and not good masters


They are their own problem

and you can’t help but feel bad for them when their hearts actually open up to you


you see what they have been through

you see what they must go through


Having to mimic what a smile looks like

Having to pretend like they understand how a relationship works

Having to act like they are perfectly fine with who they are

And you look from afar and know what they are not


NOT Satisfied

NOT Edified

NOT Justified




Have you ever heard the mocking bird cry?




locked away

and its lips utter the deprived and depressed hymns of old

rich with emotion spoken with a heart that’s long been broken


Your Identity will BLOOM little bird


Learn from the songs of others and create your own

Your home is within you

Just give it time

It all works according to plan


Take a deep breath

And embrace the world around you

Focus on the clouds as you fly by


Every life has meaning

You are just one of many

Unity and Harmony take more than one

Find someone you can vent your feelings to

They will understand

A former mockingbird will understand


I’ve heard the song and I know how it plays

but there is nothing like the song that you will create


Have you ever heard the mocking bird sing?


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