Heartbeat of the Earth



There is a noble King who walks these grounds; he brings peace and serenity.

Admired by all of the creatures here—he is the Woodland Majesty.

The infinite secrets among the trees will forever remain untold.

This is where all things are equal, and new life replaces old.


Migrating birds ride the back of the wind, for they are never here to stay.

Below them: the graceful flight of butterflies that takes my breath away.

Some find their home atop a flower, whose velveteen petals curl to perfection.

Others reside in a cozy tree hollow, where they’re surrounded by wooden protection.


Rolling hills nurture the skyline, beams of light dance upon the land.

Clover blossoms rise up to kiss your toes, in any place that you may stand.

Drawing a divine energy from the soil under your feet.

The atmosphere is relaxing and warm; life here is complete.


Within the twisting vines of honeysuckle, there exists a tangled perfume.

It comes from the ever so colorful, delicately fragrant blooms.

A single lovely satin leaf, that reaches far out from a stem,

Holds an exquisitely chiseled raindrop—nature’s tiny, precious gem.


Beneath the oaks and amidst the pines, fawns frolic on a grassy plane.

A soothing trickle can be heard from a shallow creek that has no name.

Each tree bears complex branches, all the branches hold twigs beyond belief,

And from each twig there steadily sprouts a unique, intricate leaf.


Bird voices fill the air by day; stars proclaim their song at night.

The sunset paints a picture across the land, a truly remarkable sight.

A tenderness that can only be felt, when you are at one with nature.

In the presence of a humble beauty, whose radiance is sublime and pure.


Grass murmurs a secret, natural language, and bows down to the gentle breeze.

Ducklings follow their mother in a wobbling line, learning from her expertise.

Everything ceaselessly moves, yet stillness embodies all.

This is where­­­­­ clouds form like feathers of a swan, prompting the rain to fall.


Within this unspoiled world, there is no concept of time.

Everyone moves to the rhythm of the wind, below the eternally changing sky.

A place of tranquil harmony, where the world lives as it should.

Our whole planet must preserve untouched nature, just as this place would.


You have a sense of knowing everything, an understanding of life; but still,

You realize that you don’t know it all, and you never fully will.

This is where all creatures die, and it is where many give birth.

The only place where you can feel the heartbeat of the Earth.



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